Discover Local Food Truck 321 Poke in Melbourne, FL!

At Denovo Realty, we really enjoy digging into the local food scene in and around Space Coast. In this video and blog, we’re showcasing one of the best local food trucks in Melbourne, FL, 321 Poke. 

Beating many of the best local restaurants in Melbourne and parked next to the gorgeous Indian River Lagoon, 321 Poke serves up traditional Polynesian dishes that are mind-blowingly delicious, like their Hot Tuna Poke Bowl and Honolulu BBQ Poke Bowl. 321 Poke was started just over two years ago by a local Father-Son duo with a passion for fresh fish and keeping business local. Their plates give locals and visitors a fantastic option for anyone trying to stick to lean protein, fresh vegetables, and a clean, rounded diet.

It really is the perfect lunch spot for anyone with dietary restrictions, as customers can build their own bowls to create a meal that fits their needs. Vegans and vegetarians are more than welcome at 123 Poke in Melbourne, FL, and are guaranteed to find a delicious meal there.

Customers are invited to enjoy their food at picnic table seating beside the 321 Poke food truck and enjoy the views of the river or take their food to go. 

So… What are the most important Poke bowl nutrition facts?

If we haven’t convinced you to try 321 Poke in Melbourne with descriptions of the dishes and the ambiance alone, take a look at some of the nutritional benefits Poke bowls dish up before you decide to dig in.

1. High-Quality Proteins:

At the heart of every traditional poke bowl is a generous serving of raw fish, usually tuna or salmon, providing a rich source of high-quality proteins. Vegan and vegetarian substitutes include tofu, another food high in protein! 

High-quality proteins are essential for muscle repair, immune response, and overall body function. For carnivores, the amino acids found in fish help in the synthesis of neurotransmitters, promoting optimal brain function and mental well-being.

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

When fatty fish like salmon are added to poke bowls, the fish brings a large dose of omega-3 fatty acids to the table. These essential fats are renowned for their heart-protective benefits and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases while promoting a healthy lipid profile

Omega-3s also play a crucial role in supporting joint health, skin elasticity, and cognitive function. Needless to say, Omega-3s are pretty all-around important. Just another reason to indulge in the fresh seafood in Melbourne, Florida.

3. Abundance of Vitamins and Minerals:

Poke bowls provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals, thanks to the diverse variety of colorful vegetables and fruits added on top of the fish or protein. Ingredients like avocados contribute healthy monounsaturated fats, along with vitamins E, K, and C. 

Traditional vegetables like edamame, seaweed, and radishes provide nutrients like fiber, folate, and antioxidants that support immune function and overall physical and mental well-being.

4. Low in Processed Ingredients:

Poke bowls are generally composed of fresh, whole ingredients, minimizing the intake of processed and refined foods and sugars. This edible integrity not only enhances the overall nutritional quality of the food but also makes it easy for anyone to recognize what, exactly, is inside the bowl. On top of everything else, the natural flavors of each ingredient are allowed to shine through, making the meal even tastier. 

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