5 Productivity Hacks!

This week, our Broker Garrett Bell shares his top 5 Productivity Hacks.

1: Removing Email Notifications
One of the biggest time-suckers is email; First step is to lose the email notifications and schedule proactive work before checking your email.

2: Using a Backlog
If you struggle with starting projects and not getting them finished, this will help get the essential tasks 100% done before moving on to the next.

3: "Winning the Morning Battle"
Creating a morning routine to build momentum for your day is huge. Build a quick routine around self-improvement items like exercise, quiet time, journaling, and reading. Do it every morning.

4: Reducing Decision Fatigue
Small Insignificant decisions made throughout the day cause you to become fatigued when important decisions need to be made; reduce those with simplifying and planning.

5: The 2-Minute Rule
If anything on your to-do list takes less than 2 minutes, complete it before moving on to anything else!

To watch the full video: https://youtu.be/0QRBJcXyeVk

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