Hounds Town: Good Doggy Daycare & Boarding in Florida!

Join Denovo Realty’s own Ryan Price and Laneil White on a day trip to Hounds Town in Rockledge, Florida.

After retiring from teaching, Jane and Leslie realized they didn’t like the board facilities locally.  They decided to create a place where dogs can be happy, socialize, and play while their humans are on vacation: a truly good doggy daycare & boarding. 

Hounds Town is any dog’s favorite alternative to kennels or traditional dog boarding facilities. In their own words, owners Jane and Leslie describe Hounds Town as “a place where a dog can just be a dog.” They encourage all of the pups who come to Hounds Town to take part in natural pack socializing. In this environment, dogs can truly be themselves. They’re able to follow their own schedules, and play how they want to play; overall it’s a special place that owners and dogs don’t get to see every day.

Traditional Boarding Facilities are Lacking…

Beloved pups deserve top-notch care, so that’s exactly what all attentive owners are looking for: the best for their dogs. While dog boarding facilities may seem like a convenient option, they aren’t always the ideal choice. Every dog owner who’s walked into a loud and chaotic kennel knows that the sensory overload they’re experiencing is tenfold for their pup. Dogs thrive on routine movement, comfort, and familiarity, and being placed in an unfamiliar and loud environment with new people and animals is at best stressful and at worst traumatic. 

The change in surroundings coupled with potential overcrowding and limited one-on-one attention leads to anxiety and loneliness. That’s what inspired Jane and Leslie to open up Hounds Town, a good dog daycare. 

Hounds Town: Good Doggy Daycare & Boarding!

Rockledge, Florida’s Hounds Town focuses on the dogs, not the business model. Instead of prioritizing human-dog interactions, they encourage dogs to build relationships with each other, in addition to the love and individualized care they receive from professional Hounds Town petsitters. 

Dogs need daily movement - at Hounds Town, dogs get to exercise, play, and explore on their own terms. This independent decision-making stimulates them not only physically, but cognitively. Jane and Leslie watch as this independence allows any stress melt away, and the dogs forget that their owner is absent and create relationships with other pups.

Hounds Town is unique because once a pup is vetted, owners don’t need an appointment! Owners can just drop the dogs off whenever it’s convenient. The facilities provide a fully interactive dog daycare, and nighttime boarding in private hotel suites at the end of the day for overnight stays.

How Can I Get My Pup Involved?

Jane and Leslie developed a unique and rigorous process to make sure that each dog in the facility is the right fit. First, the owner will undergo a phone interview, when they will be asked five basic questions about their dog’s socialization history and medical issues. 

If the pup passes the phone interview, Hounds Town invites the dog and owner for a free meet-and-greet appointment.

If the dog does well at the meet-and-greet, they will be invited back for a free day of doggy daycare to see how they integrate with the other dogs and see if they need any extra support.

Additionally, Hounds Town has a full salon! They offer de-matting services, de-shedding, ear cleanings, nail trimmings, brush-outs, blowouts, and more! They do not offer haircuts but are able to recommend a range of local businesses that do.

What makes dogs happy is simple: unconditional love and genuine companionship. Dogs are social creatures, and they thrive on interaction and affection. Every owner knows how much joy spending quality time with their owners brings them, whether it's going for a walk, playing fetch, or just cuddling on the couch. 

When you’re at work, on vacation, or at a conference, give your best friend some extra TLC. Consider dropping your dog off at Hounds Town, a wonderful alternative to traditional dog boarding in Melbourne, Florida, where they’ll create new friendships, explore new toys, and experience the consistent care and stimulus needed to stay happy and healthy

Reach out to Hounds Town for a phone interview at 321 - 877 - 0009 or get in touch with an email.

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