Florida Fishing Products and More at Harry Goode’s Outfitters in Melbourne, FL

Join our team on a quick tour of one of our favorite local shops to find gear for fishing in Florida: Harry Goode’s Outfitters.

With almost 80 years of experience with locals and visiting fishing fanatics, Harry Goode’s Outfitters is a one-stop-shop for anyone fly fishing and inshore Light Tackle Spinning in Florida. The shop itself is easily accessible, as it’s located in downtown Melbourne; it’s no surprise that top-quality fishing products in Florida are easy to find. 

Harry Goode’s Outfitters is the perfect spot for anyone arriving by car, plane, or even boat, as it’s situated right next to one of the biggest boat ramps in all of Brevard County. In addition to carrying products from big-name brands like Tibor, Nautilus, and Fishpond, the shop’s staff pride themselves on their complex knowledge of the Indian River Lagoon as well as a variety of other nearby fishing locations and fishing styles. Anyone looking to go outdoors in Florida and catch some fish should make a stop at Harry Goode’s to stock up.

Fly Fishing

Unlike regular fishing, which uses a weighted object to catch underwater prey, fly fishing uses a weighted line. This means that the type of gear necessary for fly fishing is drastically different to what is needed for regular fishing. Fly fishing generally takes some getting used to, and is usually enjoyed by more experienced fishers. Although, when it comes down to it, it’s really all about what each person enjoys and is comfortable with. 

Read more about fly fishing and the different types of gear necessary.

Light Tackle Spinning

Alternatively, light tackle spinning is a great way to get into fishing. Perfect for beginners, this kind of fishing doesn’t require too much gear, just a spinning rod and reel, some line, and a few lures. “Light” tackle spinning means scaling your gear down to improve catch rates and consistency. 

Watch a video to see what light tackle spinning fishing looks like in action.

Fishing in Melbourne, FL

Lucky for us, fishing in Melbourne is easy thanks to our fantastic neighboring coastline! We’re saddled up right next to the Indian River Lagoon, a short 13-minute drive from Melbourne Beach and just south of downtown Melbourne itself. Most people know Florida as a popular destination for anyone who enjoys the beach, the water, boats, and especially, fishing. High-quality fishing products in Florida are easy to find with local businesses like Harry Goode’s Outfitters. The local fishing scene is just one more thing that makes Melbourne, Florida such a fabulous place to live. 

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