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Sometimes work can get dull, so there are times you need to break out of your routine and do something creative! Art classes are for adults, too! We decided to shake up our daily work routines with a watercolor workshop held by Kasey Klein, who is a visual artist, based in Melbourne, Florida.

Listen, we’re not saying that real estate isn’t fun - it’s a blast, but taking a little bit of time to escape and explore your creativity makes a big difference when returning to your daily tasks! You might experience a deeper connection with and understanding of yourself, plus you’ll get more peace of mind by letting your thoughts come alive onto a piece of paper. We were lucky enough to get all of that working with Kasey.

Check out how our experience unfolded! Take a look at our video where we sat down with Kasey to talk about our art workshop. And in case our art and creative expression weren’t enough, you won't want to miss why The Legend of Zelda is connected to the Anti Gravity project in Eau Gallie, Florida. Click below to hear about our theory.

One of the aspects that inspired us most about Kasey’s vision of art, was the way she believes that art exists everywhere, even in common daily chores. She calls this "Art-ing,” which goes beyond traditional forms of art such as painting or drawing. Kasey shared that everyday activities such as cooking, folding laundry, or arranging towels can also be a form of art. She is suggesting that any activity that involves a little creativity and intentionality can be considered art and can change your mindset about doing mundane things. It’s more about the process of creating something intentional and meaningful than it is about the final product, really. 

That's why everyone can engage in "art-ing" regardless of their artistic ability. During her class, we called ourselves artists, but to be honest, we didn’t exactly feel like artists. No wonder "Art-ing" is also the title of Kasey's workshop where groups or individuals can engage in creating artworks with watercolors or natural earth pigments! She always has a theme for each class, this time we had metallic watercolors. Also, part of the session involves keeping all of your senses occupied, like drinking tea served in Kasey’s grandmother’s china and listening to the peaceful background sounds of nature.

Kasey’s art workshop was a great way to find creative outlets and a way to escape the humdrum of routine. We not only learned techniques of watercolor painting but we also had an opportunity to let go of our everyday stresses and worries. Working with art enabled us to connect with ourselves and each other while creating something unique. This is just one example of how creative expression can be beneficial in real estate, or any industry.

So if you’ve ever searched “watercolor classes near me” or “art workshops near me” recently, you’re in luck if you're in the Melbourne, Florida area! Don't miss out on Kasey Klein's watercolor workshops near you. She’s the perfect person to help soothe and heal the entire room. She possesses a truly unparalleled way of helping you express your creativity and switch off the noise of the daily grind!

If you're not in the vicinity, just remember to get creative wherever you are, whenever you can. We cannot recommend joining an art workshop enough, because creative expression is a simple and fun way to enhance your work-life balance! It was incredibly beneficial for us to reinforce our communication and collaboration among team members which in turn translates to better services for our clients because, at the end of the day, building relationships is what matters most to us at Denovo Realty.

So if you happen to be searching for a new home or property here in Brevard County, make sure that you place yourself in capable hands. Get in touch with us at Denovo Realty, and don’t miss out on the benefits of working alongside a real estate agent to find the perfect property for you. Denovo Realty is a fast-growing real estate company devoted to helping people find the property of their dreams. Our team of experts is just a call or click away.

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