Maslow and The Melby: Hotel or Creative Art Studio with Graffiti Artist

Incorporating art into our daily lives can sometimes seem like an uphill battle - so many properties and spaces are designed with minimalist values that bore us rather than intrigue our senses. In this video, we’re taken along on a tour of The Melby Hotel in Melbourne, Florida, and mastermind graffiti artist Maslow and one of his biggest works of art yet, The Melby, are anything but stuffy. 

Maslow’s art journey began when he started the way many graffiti artists do: with street tags. As his popularity grew, his devotion to art also blossomed, and he turned his love of graffiti into a full-time career. His graffiti styles and art defined themselves and he immediately recognized exactly what a unique structure like The Melby needed: balance. He was determined to find an in-between for the rawness of the barren cement walls and the refined textures of the hardwood details; now, this hotel looks more like a creative art studio, it’s anything but the average Hyatt. Hotels would normally hang a series of mass-produced classic paintings, but The Melby’s graffitied design is showstopping: it’s truly unique art with creativity.

The vision for the design of the hotel was “push and pull.” In the video, Maslow describes it as “yin and yang,” bringing uniqueness and intention to a space that would traditionally be built with just the basics, as hotels are made for impermanent visitors. 

That novelty is well-captured when looking at the product: The Melby center cases abstract, deconstructed graffiti artwork that gives it the feel of being a piece of history, exposed. The graffiti wall art plays with the viewer - long swaths of multicolored graffiti end abruptly, as do the plain cement and hardwood interior decor. In the video, he mentions that his use of graffiti and walls is meant to be similar to a scavenger hunt for the viewer, or the icing atop the hotel cake.

The Melby is now home to the largest collection of Maslow’s work! He’s proud to be their resident artist and was eager to leave those who stay there with a little part of himself. As graffiti is not a traditional fine art, he also remains grateful that he’s able to get confirmation and validation for a passion of his that was viewed as an outcast art form in the past. Although hotel guests are transient, the mark Maslow left with his art is not. He considers himself to be a “graffiti writer”; rather than creating art from words, he leaves viewers with his abstract and colorful painted stories. He hopes to continue to impact others with his art and to follow this dream he recently opened a contemporary art gallery and events space called Outerspace.

According to Maslow, Outerspace aims to be a creative art studio and ideas incubator for adults and youth. He hopes to host creative workshops that are community-based and comprehensive: anything from painting, to graffiti, to dance will be welcome. 

Maslow tells us that art exploration is crucial because of its intuitive and introspective nature. Art helps us connect with ourselves, and “promotes self-actualization and understanding.” Imagine if we could encourage self-awareness and confidence in more young people in our communities? Or reignite the creative flames of local adults?

The impact Maslow has had on The Melby leaves us without a doubt in our minds that with art and creativity, we enrich our interactions with the world around us. Designing long-lasting, imaginative, and abstract spaces reminds us of our own complex natures as people, and creating and maintaining these inspirational spaces in our homes is so important! Being surrounded by art can be the opportunity to understand a different perspective, or could lead the way to a fresh idea or problem-solving technique. We need art! Get involved in Space Coast’s graffiti scene with 2023’s mural festival.

If you’re a fan of Maslow’s art, connect with him on his website or follow him on Instagram.

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