Our Favorite Resources To Help You Sell More Homes

With the increase in pressure from iBuyer programs and agents cutting commissions to get business, upping your knowledge and skills are the keys to keeping your business growing in 2020. Whether it's generating business, marketing your online presence, or coming up with solutions in home inspections, these resources cover a wide variety of things real estate professionals see on a daily basis. This week, Garrett shares some of his favorite resources that has helped him over the years.


Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller
This is probably my favorite marketing book. It is a huge resource on how to create the message for your advertising.
➡️ shorturl.at/cHPSU

New Sales. Simplified by Mike Weinberg
A sales staple; all applies to the real estate agents day-to-day. One of my favorite sales books.
➡️ shorturl.at/bNOY0

Pat Hiban's Real Estate Rockstar Radio Podcast
These podcasts have real nitty gritty details. Straight to the point with no extra fluff.
➡️ https://hibandigital.com/

Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss
The art of negotiating and the psychology behind it. Written from from a hostage negotiator, it's very entertaining.
➡️ shorturl.at/juv56

The Conversion Code by Chris Smith
A key book to understand online advertising and how to actually make it work.
➡️ shorturl.at/bgqPT

Manage Your Day-To-Day by 99U
A big help to organize your day, understand distractions, and prioritize.
➡️ shorturl.at/agzAC

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
An important lesson about money management and an easy-to-use formula to help.
➡️ shorturl.at/eBIU8

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