Satellite Beach: A Fantastic Place to Live in Florida with a Family

One of our real estate experts, Joel Ludlow, takes us on a quick scenic tour of some of the top spots in Satellite Beach. It’s a fantastic place for families because of the local schools, well-kept parks, and public spaces. Plus, unlike some other Florida beaches, these coasts are less crowded by tourists and have instead remained mostly local, like Pelican Beach Park.

Pelican Beach Park

Satellite Beach is beside one of the area’s major highlights, the stunning Pelican Beach Park. This park offers a breathtaking view of the coastline that stretches for miles, providing residents and visitors alike with unparalleled opportunities for relaxation and recreation. Within the park, there are well-maintained picnic areas, playgrounds, as well as walking and biking trails, giving residents the chance to get lost in nature. Check out everything Pelican Beach Park has to offer.

Neighborhood Tennis Courts

The Satellite Beach area also includes many tennis courts to take advantage of. Living nearby these courts means easy access to outdoor activities and athletics for kids and adults alike. The courts are surrounded by lush greenery, and living nearby means residents can conveniently fit tennis into their daily routines, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. The courts are a gathering place and provide a welcoming community; tennis is a great way to meet the neighbors!

The Skate Park

The well-designed local skate park ensures easy access to another outdoor activity! Whether you're a seasoned skater or just starting out, Satellite Beach’s skate park offers a perfect setting to practice tricks and meet fellow skaters. The park is complete with a variety of ramps, rails, and bowls, so it caters to skaters of all levels.

Satellite Beach’s High School and Library

Satellite High School happens to be an A-rated public school, making the area popular as a fantastic place to live in Florida for families. Students living nearby are able to easily commute to and from school, reducing transportation hassle. Additionally, living near the high school fosters a strong sense of community as it allows residents to actively participate in school events, support local sports teams, and engage with academic and extracurricular activities offered at the school. 

Similarly, the local library provides a wealth of resources for lifelong learning. The library also serves as a community hub, hosting educational programs, workshops, and cultural events. 

Desoto Baseball Field: Come Play Ball!

Living nearby the field means residents are able to watch baseball games at the drop of a hat; whether it's high school matches, community leagues, or youth training sessions. The Desoto baseball field has hosted various renowned players and teams throughout its history; but it’s a great spot to just play a quick game of catch, too.

Pelican Beach Volleyball Courts

Living nearby the Pelican Beach volleyball courts means locals have access to another fun sport. The courts have hosted local tournaments and even attracted professional players for exhibition matches. The surrounding sandy beaches, picturesque views, and the sound of waves crashing in the background create a picturesque backdrop for volleyball matches. Plus, it means going for a refreshing swim is easy after a tense game!

One of our Favorite Restaurants: Da Kine Diegos

We had to include Da Kine Diego's in our list because of their delicious hand-made burritos. Living nearby means daily access to their delectable menu; making it easy to stop by for a burrito any time! Seriously, their homemade salsas are unforgettable, and easy-going patrons and owners give it a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere. It’s become a great place to make friends with neighbors over a fantastic meal! Take a look at the great comments customers are leaving Da Kine Diegos.

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