Tears Over Beers Ep 13: Top 5 Amazon Purchases!

Welcome back to the 13th episode of Tears Over Beers with Garrett and Ian! In the spirit of the holidays, both of them bring their top 5 favorite Amazon purchases to share with you! Who knows, some of them may still be able to arrive by Christmas for some of you last-minute shoppers!

Garrett's Top 5 Amazon Purchases

Electric Mixer: https://rb.gy/abzprk
White Noise Machine: https://rb.gy/y6wuvw
Wireless Charging Station: https://rb.gy/tq4zs2
Neck Massager: https://rb.gy/svngxd

Salt Lamp: https://rb.gy/4wmliu

Ian's Top 5 Amazon Purchases

Chainmail Scrubber: https://rb.gy/c4fiwz
Melinda's Hot Pizza Sauce: https://rb.gy/1rdlkr
Cooler Backpack: https://rb.gy/xan7wq

Kids Toilet seat Attachment: https://rb.gy/ctlp00

Let us know which one of their items is your favorite! 

To watch the full video: https://youtu.be/-V6OGrryENE

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