Top Places to Live and Visit in Florida! Come See Cocoa Beach

Nestled along the breathtaking Atlantic coastline, Cocoa Beach, Florida is a vibrant and idyllic town on the west coast of the state. With its unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and laid-back charm, Cocoa Beach has attracted tourists and homeowners for a long time. 

Join Denovo’s own, Joel Ludlow, on a short tour of this fantastic neighborhood just north of Satellite Beach!

Cocoa Beach Pier 

You haven’t been to Cocoa Beach if you haven’t visited the pier! The iconic pier extends 800 feet over the sparkling West Florida waters and offers a variety of things to do. Fishing enthusiasts can cast their lines while surfers ride the nearby waves, and visitors can spend all day here exploring the restaurants and shops that line the pier. It’s a great place to try local seafood and find souvenirs to take home. Or, simply come to watch the sunrise or sunset and take a leisurely stroll. 

The Beach itself

The best of Cocoa Beach has to be the pristine shoreline. With miles of soft, white sand and consistent waves, the beach is a gathering spot for surfers, sunbathers, and families. Nearby the city center, the beach is spacious and perfect for after-work recreation and rejuvenation. Pack a picnic, play beach volleyball, or simply walk while taking in the panoramic, palm tree-studded ocean views. 

For nature enthusiasts, sea turtle nesting season gives locals and visitors the chance to witness hatching turtles make their way to the ocean. This beach is truly a magical place.

Coconuts on the Beach Bar

This beachy bar is one of our favorites -  it’s a socializing hotspot with a casual and inviting atmosphere. A good spot to visit during the day or see Cocoa Beach Florida at night, visitors can sip on tropical drinks, enjoy fresh seafood, listen to live music, or attend other events. Complete with indoor and outdoor seating and prepared for any sort of weather, they’re located right on the seaside. This place is extra special because drinkers and diners can enjoy the ocean views from anywhere in the bar or restaurant.

Cocoa Beach Surf Company and Jon Ron Surf Shop

Wondering what to do at Cocoa Beach? That’s easy: surf! 

For surfers, Cocoa Beach Surf Company and Jon Ron Surf Shop are more than just surf shops – they're local institutions. Both stock an array of high-quality equipment, stylish apparel, and they offer expert advice. Cocoa Beach Surf Company even offers e-bike rentals! These are not your average small-town surf shops, they’re kings of Cocoa Beach surfboard rentals. Both offer surf classes, food, travel items, and more. In Cocoa Beach, surfing is more than just a sport; it's a way of life.

Robert "Kelly" Slater Statue

Cocoa Beach proudly honors one of its most celebrated residents, Robert "Kelly" Slater, an eleven-time world surfing champion, with a lifelike bronze statue. The statue pays homage to Slater's impact on the world of surfing and his connection to Cocoa Beach. As we’ve mentioned prior, in Cocoa Beach surfing is deeply ingrained in local culture, making it a destination for surfers and Robert “Kelly” Slater fans worldwide.

For many, Cocoa Beach in Florida is more than a tourist destination; it's a beautiful seaside community to call home. The blend of thriving nature, surf culture, welcoming locals, and recreational opportunities makes Cocoa Beach an ideal place to live. It’s hard not to want to buy a home on Cocoa Beach!

Reach out to our team of local experts to learn more about Cocoa Beach houses for sale and local real estate. Or, take a tour of nearby neighborhoods Melbourne Beach and EAU Gallie Arts District (EGAD) to see more of Florida’s Space Coast!

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