Working at Denovo Realty

Must Haves for Your Website
There are some very important parts to have on your website that have really benefited our agents and their interactions with their clients. It's essential that your website is user friendly, has the ability to send out property alerts, allows people to save properties and request showings, all in which feeds into your CRM. Watch this video to learn how Denovo Realty provides that value to all of our agents.
Juggling Sales & Admin Work
Real estate agents juggle many things at a time and can oftentimes get bogged down with the administrative duties that come with real estate and don't focus on their lead-generation activities. At Denovo Realty, we provide a Transaction Manager to all of our agents in the office. The Transaction Manager takes care of everything from contract to close, and make sure deadlines are hit, communication is done to all the right parties, and everything is transparent to the agents so that you're always in the loop
Not Following Up With Your Leads?
As an agent, it can be relatively easy to forget who you're supposed to follow up with when you're constantly thinking about appointments, inspections, appraisals, and so many other things. Here, we have a solution in place for our agents to ensure they don't miss out on their follow up.
The Importance of Video Marketing
Video marketing can be a game-changer for building your business. In this video, Broker Garrett Bell explains some of the reasons why you should implement video marketing into your daily real estate business and how Denovo Realty can help you get there!
Door Knocking at it's Finest!
Here, we have Mr. Broker and a Real Estate Agent who is hungry to take his business to the next level! But how can he do this??
Is Your Brokerage Too Busy For You?
You need some much-needed advice from your brokerage, but all you get is their voicemail (broker life is tough ??)... * Is it time for you to find a more involved office? Unfortunately, we see this happen way too often in real estate. At Denovo Realty, we have an amazing support system equipped with the best tools to help you grow your business. One of our core values is to provide a ton of value to each of our agents.
Sales Coaching at Denovo Realty
Having the right business plan and holding yourself accountable is one of the most important aspects of real estate. However, oftentimes business plans fail because they are made and then forgotten about very quickly. What do we do differently so that we can ensure our agents stay on track with their goals? Find out in today's video with Broker/Owner Garrett Bell to see what we can do for you!

Agent Testimonials

Agent Testimonial - Flavia Barrial
Here, Flavia Barrial talks about why Denovo Realty was "the one for her". After interviewing different Real Estate companies such as Remax, Keller Williams, and other big name brokerages, Flavia made her decision to come to Denovo Realty in May of 2020. She commonly received questions such as: Why did you choose Denovo? What convinced you to take a chance on a 5-month-old Real Estate company? What do they do differently than the other brokerages? Stay tuned to hear Flavia's full story and the ans
Agent Testimonial - Ian Fine
Ian Fine with The Fine Team joined Denovo Realty in March of 2020 and since being here, he has more than DOUBLED his business! There are many factors contributing to his success, however, one large piece that Ian gives credit to are the systems we have in place for all of our agents. If you are interested in taking your real estate business to the next level as Ian did, contact us today at 321.237.1887. We'd love to chat!
Agent Testimonial - Lindsey Pike
Find out what Lindsey Pike has to say about working at Denovo Realty! Since joining Denovo Realty back in June 2020, Lindsey’s real estate business has grown tremendously. As stated, Lindsey found it extremely important to get back to doing the most important things in real estate: sales and taking care of her clients! By providing Transaction Management, Marketing Assistance, Lead Generation, and Sales Coaching at Denovo, she was able to achieve that goal. Contact us today at 321.23
Agent Testimonial - Sherry Boswell
In this video, Sherry Boswell, one of our amazing agents, shares some of the reasons why she chose Denovo Realty as well as how it has exponentially improved her business in less than 1 year! Give us a call if you’re ready to level up your career!